FOCUS UAS, an enterprise-grade Drone and Technology based solutions provider. Our solutions are implementable, repeatable, and predictable. Our solutions harvest real-world intelligence and data which lead to actionable intelligence for clientele. We obtain critical data through innovative 

technology-based solutions that you can truly utilize.


Our Services

Drone Cinematography & Videography

We are a creative concepts production company working across numerous categories. We create dynamic video imagery for our clientele...

Thermal Inspections

Thermal infrastructure, land, and mapping services. FOCUS UAS provides thermal-based inspection services on any roofing and or land system nationwide...

Infrastructure Inspections

Remote Aerial Surveys provide inspections of towers, factory roofs, power-line and other structures using our UAV mounted cameras. Our UAVs use a range of...

How can we help you?

Please feel free to send us any concerns you may have or problems that our services may be a solution for. We look forward to hearing from you. Let's Fly!


Gerald Poe - President