About Us

Focus UAS, A dream of Sr. Technologists; Gerald Poe and Mayhew Cuthbertson, is a certified, highly-regarded drone services firm with over 15,000 flight hours of combined flight experience. FOCUS stands ready to be active participants in this booming, ever-changing, technically-advanced, remote-controlled environment. We are recognized as UAS knowledge leaders, gold standard operators, and industry business development experts in this field. What an exciting time to be in the drone industry! Drone technology is now, it is here and it is available. As certified and qualified sUAS Remote Drone professionals, FOCUS stands ready as active participants in this ever-changing, technically-advanced, remote-controlled environment. We train pilots, trainers, research, develop and concentrate on workforce development and job placement of our best students to participate in entrepreneurial efforts and our commercial endeavors. FOCUS strives to be a one-stop solution for those seeking further education in unmanned systems and/or remote technologies. Through our R&D, prototype development, and enterprise-grade UAS fleet,  we provide solutions for the major problems plaguing the drone industry today (Commercial and industrial high-end inspections and audits). FOCUS also concentrates on commercial applications such as photography, cinematography, railroads, highways, agricultural lands, and other solutions mentioned above. We are true drone-based technology integrators with implementable, repeatable, and predictable solutions. Let us assist. Let's Fly! Contact Us.